Repair Services

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Better than new or not at all.

Each KOFFLER repair service represents the synchronization of processes that are unique in the industry – and designed from the ground up to deliver a product that will arrive at our installation in better condition than when it was purchased. In short, our KOFFLER team is prepared long in advance for every possible exigency that could relate to your project. So whether it’s a low voltage transformer or a 10,000 HP generator we know what to expect — and exactly how to deal with the unexpected. The result: Your unit is delivered back to you on time, according to your budget and in the very best condition possible – better than new.

First class facilities, first class team, first class attitude.

Now the largest repair company of its kind on the West Coast, KOFFLER offers every service you need at our 80,000 square foot facility in San Leandro, California. Your complete answer to getting any electrical/mechanical apparatus up and running fast, we answer your every need from start to finish. We can pick up and deliver back to you equipment of almost any size. Our 80 employees have the experience to address all your repair and maintenance needs. Our comprehensive training program, led by founder Charles Koffler, ensures everyone is up to date with the latest techniques and technologies. We cross-train employees, so that the skills needed to fulfill any task are immediately available. Everything from the best in machining and testing equipment to state-of-the-art winding, balancing and alignment technology is right at hand. Just as important, we’re employee-owned and operated — our attitude to productivity and quality is the best in the business.

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