Quality Assurance

Training for Rapidly Changing Technology & Equipment, Emergency Services 24/7 & Our Quality Control Assurances

Our Commitment to You

Exceeding expectations. “Never second best”.

Phrases like “Close Enough,” and “Just as Good” simply are not part of the KOFFLER philosophy. We’ve built our reputation on providing customers with the very best, quality service and honest pricing. To this end, only the most qualified personnel will work on your job using only the most current equipment and instrumentation. To maintain this high standard of service, KOFFLER invests heavily in continually training its employees to use this rapidly changing technology and equipment. This investment reflects our desire to preserve the relationships we’ve built with our customers and our commitment to meeting their needs.

A sharper competitive edge for your business.

The benefit of our services to you goes even further than “better than new” repairs and/or refurbishments. When our customers need assistance, they know they can rely on KOFFLER as a partner who’ll ensure that they meet or exceed their schedules, which is a vital advantage in this increasingly demanding business environment. You’ll find us available to assist you, however pressing your need: Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Confidence at every level.

Absolute confidence from our customers and industry associates is an endorsement of KOFFLER Electrical Mechanical’s reputation. Reflecting KOFFLER’s leadership in electric motor repair, we are often consulted by our peers and competitors. We take pride in quality control procedures that give our customers unsurpassed peace of mind. Our Quality Assurance process provides documentation that produces “As Found” and “As Released” reports — complete with digital pictures, allowing customers to monitor the quality of work in the repair of their motor or equipment.