Professional Affiliations

Promoting quality at the international level.

For KOFFLER Electrical, the pursuit of quality goes far beyond our premises. Executives from our senior management team are active members of international organizations who promote standards and set the bar for quality service wherever the repair of electromechanical work is done literally anywhere in the world. These include:

EASAEASA The Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) is an international organization of electromechanical sales and service firms throughout the world. Through its many engineering and educational programs EASA provides members with a means of keeping up to date on materials, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology. As an active supporter of the organization and its agenda, our founder Charles Koffler has given seminars, lectures, and presentations for EASA.

IsesISES The International Ship Electrical and Engineering Service Association (ISES) unites its worldwide network of members to serve the common goal of providing quality electrical, navigational, and mechanical services to the marine industry. With a focus on cooperation for quality, members cooperate with each other to ensure the continuity of services from one port to another.

NEMANEMA The National Electrical Manufacturers Association provides a forum for the standardization of electrical equipment, enabling consumers to select from a range of safe, effective, and compatible electrical products. The organization has made numerous contributions to the electrical industry by shaping public policy development and operating as a central confidential agency for gathering, compiling, and analyzing market statistics and economics data. As an active participant in the development of technical standards that are in the best interests of the industry and its customers, KOFFLER Electrical is proud of its association with NEMA and supports its goals.

Qualified to service complex military systems.

KOFFLER Electrical is certified to perform projects according to the most stringent military specifications, including the overhaul of critical submarine main propulsion generator sets.