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Charles Koffler: Founder
Hilaria Koffler: President

Lifetime proponents of quality, innovation and education.

Charles and Hilaria's professional life represents both the quest for knowledge and a desire to see it realized in practical form. For over 30 years Charles has consulted and trained for some of the industries largest companies - often amazing clients and students with a creative flair which yields fast solutions to the most baffling of electrical and mechanical malfunctions.

Charles' passion for solving problems and imparting the knowledge to his staff is also a cornerstone of his company, Koffler Electrical Mechanical Apparatus Repair. Ongoing employee education programs - many designed and taught by Charles himself - ensure that his teams are up-to-date on the latest technologies and techniques. A great believer in the productivity that results from knowledge of different disciplines, Charles also ensures that staff members are cross-trained in areas relating to their core competencies. Inspiring confidence and dependability, Charles' program encourages a proactive attitude towards problem solving and a "can do" attitude in his team.

Hilaria Koffler, who has been working in the electric motor industry since 1975, is the President and holds controlling interest in Koffler Electrical. Hilaria is a fundamental business facilitator who manages the daily affairs of the business end of Koffler Electrical. She is key in providing a strong business partner and spouse to Charles and together they have forged a basis of entrepreneurship and good business sense.

A leading advocate of quality in the industry.

A long-standing member and former International President of the Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA) Charles has taught seminars and made many technical presentations at the organization's international conventions. His active role in the organization helped EASA maintain and promote standards that ensure "Reliable Solutions Today."