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Koffler Provides Electrical Refurbishment, Repair and Overhaul for the US Navy, Oil Refineries, Steel Companies and other Utilities.

About Our Company

Serving a diverse population of customers.

Koffler Electrical Mechanical Apparatus Repair is a facility whose unique combination of experience, expertise and wide-ranging technical resources enable it to serve the industry's most diverse range of customers. Check out our credentials. They include the US Navy, who trusts us to overhaul nuclear submarine propulsion generators; refineries such as Chevron, Exxon and Shell; steel companies like USS Posco Steel Company; and utilities such as PG&E.

Your one solution to any electrical refurbishment or repair.

Need a repair or overhaul? Whatever the size or complexity of the project, Koffler has the resources to complete it - on time, on budget and with quality you can count on. From replacing the armature on a 5KW generator or calibrating a 50AMP circuit breaker, to rewinding a 33,000 HP synchronous motor you'll find every solution you need, with Koffler. Our 80,000 square foot shop features the latest in testing, machining and hoisting equipment. These include a super-size 50 ft bed and 10 ft swing lathe; complete facilities for load testing, thermographic surveys, circuit breaker testing and laser alignment; dynamometer testing from fractional to 3,000 HP; and more.

The only thing we don't do: Compromise.

The largest repairer and refurbisher of electrical mechanical apparatus on the West Coast - and one of the largest and most capable in the nation - Koffler has served a diverse range of industries for over 30 years. The company is now employee-owned boasting a staff of over 80, who together represent the best available expertise and benefit from the finest in-house educational program in the industry. This program ensures that you enjoy premiere service from our personnel who are dedicated to being number one at what they do.

Koffler Provides Eletrical Refurbishment, Repair and Overhaul for the US Navy, Oil Refineries, Steel Companies and other Utilities

Koffler Electrical Mechanical Apparatus Repair

Service, Quality, and Price. The Koffler Model for customer satisfaction.

For Koffler customers there is no disparity between service received, price paid or quality of goods delivered. Every employee is not only an expert in his field but cross-trained to support his fellow employees in their work, which adds value to every project we complete for you. Additionally, Charles Koffler one of the industry's leading educators and innovators, plays a direct role in the ongoing enrichment of the skills and knowledge of each of our staff.

Open minds and open doors.

In an ever-changing industry where electrical systems have become evermore complex, delivering the best team that's up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology is crucial. That's why ongoing employee education is key at Koffler. We're just as open-minded about input from customers and industry associates. You'll find our doors are open too - you can always come in to look at your projects and see that they're being completed to your satisfaction.